“When you stand in front of one of Victoria Wolny’s paintings, the depth of colour, the layers of time and paint really draw you into an expansive realm that truly expresses the real talent Victoria has in creating very strong and mood inspiring paintings.”

Hatty De Barnard, Nude Tin Can Gallery, St. Albans.

Colour has always played a huge part in my life. Colour can influence, provoke, fascinate and stimulate in a myriad of ways. During my time at Warwick University, I became increasingly interested in how colour can directly influence the viewer. The science behind how colour can evoke emotion. With this in mind I started to develop a technique involving the manipulation of oil paint through complex layering. The result is a dramatic collision of both texture and colour. The various angles created in the paintings allow the oil to reflect light and subsequently as the light changes, so does the painting. Natural light and artificial light will alter the mood of the piece, giving it a personal quality and a changeable character. 

“I want to to take the viewer on a journey. For me art is more than something pretty on a wall. It should reach inside, touch your soul and change your life for the better.”